How we see things.
And people.

It is our passion to help shape your success by supporting you in filling top positions. And we don’t just rely on one method, because we combine and complement all available factors. Across all industries, across all functions, we focus on a few individuals – the demanding clients, the promising talents, the exactly fitting people. This creates the special closeness that we maintain to people and companies.


In addition to systematic intelligence through digital databases, tools and processes, we rely heavily on human intelligence: experience, empathy, knowledge, business competence, knowledge of human nature and well-trained intuition. In terms of our exclusive craft, we are never satisfied until we are fully convinced of the accuracy of the fit of both the company and the candidate.


One partner bears 100 percent of the responsibility on each project. He identifies the candidates, approaches them, motivates, selects and assesses them according to the agreed criteria. Above all, however, he is your personal sparring partner. In the search for strong characters, we also rely on having strong character, in other words: ”It takes one to know one”. And no concessions are made to vanity: The partners are always there for each other. And in international searches, local consulting partners support us with the same attitude and the same standards. In this way, the efficiency of an individual is combined with the expertise, experience and creativity of the team.


The enormous search field and the systematic narrowing down to the most suitable candidate – that is what truly makes us stand out. In this way, we consciously limit our clients’ own company size and ensure the greatest possible access to top performers – in particular, we guarantee exceptional discretion. Without restrictions due to countless target companies that are off-limits. But with passion, reliability and a huge portion of creativity.

Our clients

There is nothing more unifying than high aspirations.

Discretion and confidentiality are a matter of course with us. This applies both to the list of companies that Interconsilium has successfully advised over the past 40 years as well as to the management elite we have placed in long-term positions.


Basically, we work for companies that have particularly high aspirations when it comes to leadership: Leading industrial and commercial companies as well as service providers from all sectors – from internationally operating SMEs to global corporations. From family offices to foundations.


As consultants, we often enjoy the same trust granted to family members. This is an honor for us – especially as we feel a strong bond with family businesses (and entrepreneurial families). And that means much more than simply being “well-connected”.


As owners of Interconsilium, we understand entrepreneurs and owners very well. This begins with the issue of succession and clearly does not end with digital transition.


Since these major challenges are not confined to specific industries, neither are we.

Our successes

Four decades focused on the future.

The grand seigneurs and pioneers of the industry jointly founded Interconsilium in Zurich in 1982. The goal was clear – Interconsilium wanted to be at the top of the premium segment as an international Executive Search boutique.


In 40 years, Interconsilium has succeeded in establishing a unique international network, which includes the top executives in business. One sign of the lasting effect of our performance is the fact that 80 percent of our placements today are follow-up projects for long-term customers. Likewise, even after five or more years, 80 percent of the candidates we place are still with their companies and extremely successful there.


Today, in the fourth decade since our foundation, the expertise, CVs and various interests of our partners complement each other to form a broadly-based complete picture, hinging on many years of operational management experience, wide-ranging industry expertise and a deep understanding of companies, entrepreneurial families and family offices. This is achieved with creativity, immense passion and unsurpassable reliability – particularly when it comes to discretion and service.


Uncompromising quality in Top Executive Search: That’s what we want to offer you now – and in the future.

If you want to judge a person accurately, you should always ask yourself: “Would you like to have them as your superior?“


Quote from K. Tucholski

Our Engagement

Social commitment is part of every modern business.

A well-established company bears a lot of responsibility. For the satisfaction of its clients and for its work and its employees. This goes without saying. That’s why Interconsilium is also very involved in social engagement. This is simply a matter of honor.


Sponsor of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation Cycling Team


We support the German Childhood Cancer Foundation Cycling Team, a cycling team for everybody that takes part in cycling events throughout Germany and in nearby EU countries. In doing so, it raises awareness of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation and, in addition to this social commitment, is very ambitious in terms of sports. And quite successful: The team won the ‘German Cycling Cup’ in the rider classification in 2019 and took second place in the team classification. A magnificent achievement!


Assisting children with cancer, supporting affected families with advice and information and financially backing them in times of need is, like funding important research projects to improve the chances of recovery, the Foundation makes an important contribution to helping children with cancer recover.