The firm.

The direct path to exceptional leadership.

As a counterpoint to the anonymous world of large, industrialized Executive Search firms, Interconsilium is highly respected due to its outstanding individual and personal consulting services. Strict confidentiality, consistent professionalism and leadership-level attention to clients and candidates are what best characterize our company philosophy. This is what makes the Premium Executive Search Boutique Interconsilium a "hidden champion" in its field.

With an established network of more than 30 years in the making, with top executives across a large range of industries and a practically unlimited hunting ground at our disposal, Interconsilium is highly effective in finding the right executive for the right position and is established as a powerful, top-notch consulting firm for filling top management positions with European clients, both nationally and internationally. Strong entrepreneurship and forthright communication with supervisory boards and senior executives are the cornerstones that have solidly shaped Interconsilium's corporate philosophy since 1982.

The long list of successfully placed senior executives by Interconsilium reads like a "who's who" of the European business scene. However, its candidates are not just limited to top-ranking executives - Interconsilium also places a large number of very successful second-tier top performers from prestigious corporations and SMEs.