Our commitment.

Finding extraordinary leaders. 

It is a great challenge to find extraordinary leaders for demanding positions. And convincing such confident and successful executives to take the helm of a new ship is not the easiest task an Executive Search firm can face. This is why during the initial contact, it is made absolutely clear that all matters will be handled with professionalism, seriousness and with strict confidentiality. Furthermore, both clients and candidates can be certain that they will be dealing with the same person throughout the whole process.

The successful placement of true leaders in top positions requires finding talented people with a convincing vision for the sustainable growth of an enterprise. But more importantly, the leaders must be able to set the company's course and work in line with the company's stakeholders - so the right chemistry is absolutely essential. This is where Interconsilium comes in. With 30 years of experience, it has developed a sixth sense for this. This is Interconsilium's USP for the successful placement of leadership.